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Fat Transfer / Stem Cell Facelift

Fat Injections Santa Ana & San Clemente

As the face ages, it loses the fullness associated with youth. The fullness of the eyebrows, upper eyelid, the temple, checks, lower eyes, Jawline, and lips, disappear unmasking the underlying blood vessels, bony skeletal structures, as well as underlying muscle of facial expressions. The end result being sagging of the overlying skin, formation of wrinkles and folds, sinking of the eyes and creation of a skeletonized look.

The fat transfer procedure is the relocation of fat from one area of the body to another. Fat may be harvested from many areas such as the abdomen, outer thighs or love handles and reinjected or grafted where needed. Fat can be used to fill in depressions, add volume, and fill scars or acne pitting. Since the fat comes from ones own body there is no risk of immune reaction. Using the latest fat grafting techniques, Dr. Roham is able to restore the brow, upper eyelids, and temples, under eyes, cheeks, jawline, and skin folds into a more youthful and healthy position for his Orange County patients.

How is the procedure performed?

There is a donor area (where the fat comes from) and a recipient area fat-transfer(where the fat is being placed) both are locally numbed with anesthetic (Lidocaine) together with (epinephrine) to control bleeding and bruising. Utilizing small syringes, fat is removed using a small needle puncture from the donor area. The fat is next processed and concentrated by spinning in a centrifuge in order to extract the stem cells and the fat from the rest of the harvested material. Then the fat is re-injected into the predetermined recipient area (face, body, scars,..) using small cannulas through a small needle puncture. There can be mild post procedure discomfort and swelling for several days is to be expected which will resolve on its own. If any pain relief is needed, Dr. Roham will attend to such needs.

How long will the fat transfer last?

This will depend on how many of the grafted fat cells survive the transfer. fat-transferThe techniques used by Dr. Roham will ensure the maximum survival rate somewhere around 50 to 85% of transferred cells. Dr. Roham’s technique involves injecting the fat in small pearl size fat droplets so that there is maximum exposure of the fat to the surrounding blood vessels. This will ensure that
the blood vessels will grow blood supply and ensures long lasting results to the fat filler. In order to ensure a high survival rate of the grafted fat, it is preferable to do multiple transfers with small amounts. So the advantage of a successful fat transfer is the length of time the transfer can last, from several to many years. Some patients may need more than one treatment.

What possible side effects of fat transfer?

  • Bruising and swelling for 1-2 days up to a maximum of a week.
  • Possible oozing at the donor/recipient site.
  • Possible scarring at the donor site.
  • Some post procedure discomfort.
  • There is a risk of infection, bad bruising, and asymmetry. Occasionally, bruising caused by a ruptured superficial blood vessel at the treatment site may be long lasting.
  • Fat embolism, where some of the injected fat enters the bloodstream, is a rare and serious complication, and can result in stroke or heart attack.

About Dr. Tim Roham

Dr. Tim Roham is an experienced San Clemente cosmetic surgery provider, offering comprehensive treatments to help all patients achieve their ideal appearance. In addition to performing facial cosmetic surgery procedures, he is experienced with aesthetic treatments of the breast and body. Numerous liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast augmentation Orange County patients have achieved their ideal figure under his care. In addition, Dr. Roham performs laser treatments including varicose vein treatments, and laser tattoo removal in Santa Ana.